For decades, rich colorful paints have been the most effective way that decorative painters turn a house into a beautiful home. Quite simply, homeowners are getting the most decorative finish dollars, when they spend them on paint.

By itself, paint is great. Ancient Modern Finishes combines paint with special faux ingredients and techniques, to transform walls into beautiful works of art! All decorative finishes are applied by hand, and the result is that each one is absolutely unique, giving the surfaces and the objects you use a truly personal touch.

Ancient Modern Finishes offers a turnkey solution for interior designers wanting to offer their home buyers additional decorative options for their upgrade dollars. We have developed a reputation for excellence, integrity and unsurpassed design, that includes decorative painting, faux finishing, venetian plasters, and more.

Our Approach

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As artisans and artists, we enjoy creating beautiful and elegant living spaces, using color and texture. Whether it is a unique wall glaze, an antique finish on a piece of furniture, an elegant ceiling design, or a majestic mural, we bring beauty to any surface.

As homeowners, we understand that beauty enriches our environment. Working hand-in-hand with talented designers and contractors, we will bring out the best that your home has to offer.

We have worked in cooperation with designers, fine artists, and contractors on many projects — each partner working in harmony to provide artistic finishes for your home or business. We have great working relationships with several designers — in fact, they are often the primary connection between Ancient Modern Finishes and our clients.

Ancient Modern Finishes has a proven record for meeting our commitments, including project costs, project schedules, and the overall quality of your project. We bring excellence to every new project, including: our extensive knowledge of faux finishing; our ability to review each design for feasibility; and our cost estimating expertise. Be sure to invite us during the planning and design process — we can save you time and money.

We work hard to assist designers in the creative process. We give careful consideration to the personal styles of each designer, and the preferences of our clients. Ancient Modern Finishes works creatively and collaboratively with designers and clients. We have an extensive portfolio, and sample boards are available as needed.

Recent Projects

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Ancient Modern Finishes offers the highest quality workmanship. We work in cooperation with our partners on many projects — designers, fine artists and contractors, all working in harmony to provide artistic finishes for your residential project. We understand the balance between getting the job done, and getting it done right.

Ancient Modern Finishes works with some of the best builders in our market area. Whether you are an architect or contractor, working with a designer on a specific project, or one-on-one with a client, be assured that Ancient Modern Finishes has extensive experience in residential surface design. Since we are in the business of beauty, each project is approached with the attitude of collaborative and creative excellence.

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