Architectural and Glaze

  We have extensive experience in residential surface design. Our unique finishes combine a flair for both color and perspective that boldly sets our work apart, and gives our clients the "one-of-a-kind" look that they desire.  

— Florian Spahiu

  • Gilding 1
  • Gilding 2
  • Gilding 3
  • Gilding 4
  • Gilding 5
  • Sienna Marble
  • Antique Burl
  • Burl Wood
  • Dark Chery
  • Exotic Wood Grain
  • Marble Roja Alcante
  • Wood Grain 1
  • Wood Grain 2
  • Wood Grain 3
  • Wood Grain 4
  • Wood Grain 5
  • Wood Grain 6
Decorative artist Florian Spahiu creates custom surface finishes, to meet the color and design preferences of his clients. These hand-painted or applied finishes include authentic European plasters and textures, faux marbles, exotic wood grains, gilding, decorative patterns, and gorgeous glazes. Ancient Modern Finishes works with designers, homeowners, architects, and corporate clients, creating decorative art, plaster work and hand-painted finishes. We are in the business of beauty, and we maintain impeccably high standards of workmanship.